Women presenting at the Homelessness Partnership with mic in hand explaining how we are working together.

Find out about our charter and how we are working together

The Homelessness Partnership BCP is made up of more than 40 local organisations that have signed a charter committing “to end homelessness in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole by ensuring everyone has a safe place to live that they can call home”.

It is driven by people with lived experience of homelessness, along with representatives of statutory bodies (council, police, health and probation), businesses, charities, faith groups, universities and educational institutions.

How you can get involved

Introducing the Homelessness Partnership Forum
Every month, members meet online or in-person for a Partnership Forum to ensure all members are kept up-to-date about the activities of the wider partnership. Forums allow members to suggest ideas, ask questions and share stories of hope.

If you would like to attend a Forum, please get in touch.

Our Action Groups
Our Action Groups bring partners together to tackle specific issues, driving positive change across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole. They include:

  • Financial Resilience
  • Meaningful Occupation
  • Upstream Prevention
  • Rough Sleeping
  • Communications

Homelessness Reduction Board
The Partnership has a Homelessness Reduction Board (HRB) that brings leaders together from the Council, NHS, Police, Probation, social housing, voluntary and faith groups to ensure activity is joined up and making a real difference.

The Oracle Group
The Oracle Group gives a voice to people with experience of all forms of homelessness, providing an opportunity to regularly meet and express their views.
If you have experience of homelessness and would like to come along to the next Oracle Group meeting, please email us directly.

Our Conference
Our inaugural conference, called ‘Working Together to Prevent Homelessness’, took place on 14 September 2022 at Bournemouth University.
To find out more about the key themes and feedback, please click the button below.

Join the partnership

The Partnership has an open door policy, welcoming all who can enhance collaboration and drive our mission to end homelessness in the BCP area.

Interested in joining our partnership?
Leave us a message and we’ll contact you as soon as we can.

Please note it might take 48 hours or more for us to respond to your enquiry

Partner directory links

BCHA – https://www.bcha.org.uk

BH Support – https://www.bhsupport.co.uk

The Big Issue – https://www.bigissue.com

Boscombe Angels – no site listed

BCP Council – https://www.bcpcouncil.gov.uk

Bournemouth Town Centre BID – https://towncentrebid.co.uk

Bournemouth Town Centre Parish – https://btcp.org.uk

Bournemouth Town Pastors – https://bournemouthtownpastors.org.uk

Bournemouth University – https://www.bournemouth.ac.uk

Christchurch Community Partnership – https://www.christchurchcommunitypartnership.org.uk

Poole Churches Network – https://www.churches-together-in-poole.co.uk

Citizens Advice BCP – https://www.citizensadvicebcp.org.uk

Community Alliances Ltd – http://www.communityalliances.org

Community Action Network – https://can100.org

Dorset Community Foundation – https://www.dorsetcommunityfoundation.org

Dorset Nightstop – https://www.actionforchildren.org.uk/how-we-can-help/our-local-services/find-our-services-near-you/dorset-nightstop

Dorset Working Women’s Project – https://sexualhealthdorset.org/how-can-we-help/support-for-sex-workers

Elemel 2018 CIC – https://www.elemel.org.uk

Faithworks – https://faith-works.org.uk

HealthBus – https://healthbus.co.uk

Helping Homeless Veterans UK – https://www.hhvuk.org

Homeless Health Service – https://www.dorsethealthcare.nhs.uk/homeless-health-service

Hope for Food – https://www.hopeforfood.org.uk

Hope Housing Training & Support – https://www.hopehts.com

ICN – https://www.icn.org.uk

Lansdowne Church In Touch Christian Mission – https://lansdownechurch.uk/news/in-touch-update2022

LGBT+ Network For Change – https://lgbtnetwork4change.com

Michael House – https://michaelhouse.co.uk

Only A Pavement Away – https://onlyapavementaway.co.uk

Poole Community Exchange – http://poolecommunityexchange.org.uk

Poole Housing Partnership – https://www.yourphp.org.uk/who-we-are/about

Poole BID – https://poolebid.com

Poole Town Pastors – https://pooletownpastors.org.uk

Purpose Social Homes – https://purposehomes.co.uk

Routes to Roots – https://www.routestoroots.org/charity

SSAFA – https://www.ssafa.org.uk

Safe & Sound Dorset – https://www.safeandsounddorset.org

Spear Bournemouth – https://www.lovechurch.org.uk/spear

St Mungo’s – https://www.mungos.org

Stonewater – https://www.stonewater.org

Wise Ability – www.wiseability.co.uk

YMCA – https://www.ymca.org.uk